Optional Extras

At Shuttercraft, we know that every home is unique, which is why we offer a number of optional extras for our shutters.

We want you to be fully satisfied with your new shutters, fully customised to meet your home design. You can be confident that your home is in a safe pair of hands.

We know our products, and the need to personalise them for each individual, which is why we also provide several additional extras.

We’re trusted by people all over the UK to offer a friendly service, helping them choose the right shutters. Whether this means adapting the shutters themselves, or altering our standard service, our optional extras were developed with you in mind.

Customsed design

Using Remote With Shutters Automated Powermotion


There is a chic remote control for seamless shutter motion, or you can still tilt the shutters by hand if you prefer the traditional method. Perfect for hard to reach areas and larger installations, PowerMotion is an optional extra like no other.

Bring your home into the 21st century with this fully automated upgrade from Shuttercraft and control the light at the touch of a button. Built-in jam protection stops the movement if the louvres are obstructed.

Pre-programmed based on your requirements and available in most of our shutter ranges, the PowerMotion motors can be recharged via USB and have an integrated solar strip to extend battery life.


This fantastic time-saving tool also helps protect your louvres, closing them when needed, just at the simple tug of a ring pull. Ideal for larger installations, such as for patio doors or room dividers which have many louvres to shut before moving the panels.

Shutters with AutoClose can be operated with a simple motion, speeding everything up when moving the shutter panels. For high traffic areas, where you readily need access but still want shutters, this is the solution for you.

Without having to remember to shut every set of louvres, our wooden shutter ranges can be made even simpler to use with the addition of AutoClose.

using AutoClose Ring Pull

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Sample Custom Colours

Custom Colour

If you are looking for particular colour to match your design choices, and can’t find it in our existing range, then don’t worry! Our custom colour option allows you to personalise your shutters, and achieve the look you’ve dreamed of.

As well as being expertly made to match your space, our colour matching service means that you can truly transform the places you love so much. We take pride in the quality of the shutters, which is why custom colours receive several coats of paint and a UV resistant layer, to prevent fading.

We work with you to get the shutters you desire, so whether you are looking for a contemporary, or more traditional colour, we can virtually match any colour finish on the high street.

Room darkening

If you desire the contemporary look of shutters but the functionality of blackout blinds, then your local Shuttercraft can help you discover a cutting edge room darkening system. A PURE Cell Honeycomb Blind is fitted snugly within its own channel behind the shutter, letting the light in, or blocking it out completely, as you desire.

We care about providing the right choices, which is why you can choose the room darkening optional extra for a number of our shutter materials.

If you or your loved ones are struggling to sleep because of light levels, then the room darkening system is just for you. It is perfect for use in bedrooms and nurseries as well as home cinemas.

Room Darkening

Free Home Survey

Book a free, no obligation home appointment to discuss your options and we’ll provide a competitive quote for your consideration.

Air Freight

We provide a friendly, dependable service across the UK, and at Shuttercraft, we know that time is frequently a deciding factor in home renovation projects.

We recommend sea freight as our default, for its consistency in delivery quality. However, you can choose to opt for air freight, which will reduce the amount of time you have to wait.

Every effort is made to ensure the safe delivery of your new shutters. More handling is involved in the air freight process, so there is slightly more risk of damage in transit, but your shutters are thoroughly wrapped and well packaged in the factory.

Air Freight

Your Shuttercraft Supplier

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We are trusted by our customers to help them make informed design choices, and expertly fit made-to-measure shutters. If you are thinking of transforming your home, then your friendly, local Shuttercraft will be there for you.

Book a free shutter appointment with someone in your area today, and discover how you can take charge of your space. You are guaranteed to find something you’ll love, so why not contact Shuttercraft today and find out more about our beautiful shutters and fantastic optional extras.

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